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Ever on the look out for new distros to try I happened across Fuduntu, they claim a light hearted disto, Quote > Fuduntu is a light hearted and fun Linux distribution that earns its name by its design to fit somewhere in-between Fedora and Ubuntu <

This has become my distro of choice for netbook requirements, The Ubuntu Unity desktop is ok for some stuff but when it comes to more technical stuff the ability to use the root user I have found that Fuduntu is far more versatile. It also seems to be very stable.

My live USB runs very nicely on my laptop (Acer 5630) and I do get tempted to use the install Icon, however I currently run Ubuntu 10.04 LTS on it and intend to kept that way for the LTS life cycle.

Fuduntu has become my distro of choice for netbooks, however the urge to move ever onward has meant that my main laptop has become exclusivly Centos.

EOL notice issued 28 April 2013. sad day.