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This page does validate because I have created another style sheet for the right hand side menu. The 'id' calls are now none repeating. This means if I want to have change the style I'll have to do the changes in two style sheets, alternatively I could have differing stlyes for the left and right hand menus!


Summer 2011, which was our third on the trot of poor weather, was brightend up with the release of Centos 5.5 and later 6. Billed has a stable distro with long term support, about 6 years, This sounds good to me, desk top that I know and like, seperate root user, Red hat & fedora heritage.

Coincidentally I required to set up a PostgreSQL database platform. PostgreSQL 8.4.7 was the release that was current in the repostries at the time but I bravely opted to install the very latest 9.0 release. Lets just say I hope the effort proves worthwhile in the longer term.

Making VMs with the current postgreSQL release 8.4.7 was much easier. Hopefully 9.x.x will hit the repositories soon. PostgreSQL