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The code that generates the two validation menus is the same script called twice by the code that created this page

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This page does validate because I have created another style sheet for the right hand side menu. The 'id' calls are now none repeating. This means if I want to have change the style I'll have to do the changes in two style sheets, alternatively I could have differing stlyes for the left and right hand menus!


Not Linux but BSD based the FreeNAS project brings us a very useful, easy to use, Networked Attached Storage (NAS) device.

On the Fedora page I mentioned using a socket A board to build a FreeNAS based machine for data backup. It transpired that I was given a Socket 754 Winfast board with an Athlon processor and some RAM. This board would only run for a few minutes then hang - a few minutes experimenting shows it has a problem with the middle memory slot. It does however work properly if the slot is left empty. I also came across a very nice silver Coolermaster ATC 101 case. A couple of hours later it was all up and running as a NAS device. Very nice, FreeNAS