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Linux Distro Experience

This page does validate because I have created another style sheet for the right hand side menu. The 'id' calls are now none repeating. This means if I want to have change the style I'll have to do the changes in two style sheets, alternatively I could have differing stlyes for the left and right hand menus!


A project on the to do list!

Had a swift bash at a Debian install into a virtual machine, some how I managed to get a desktop that was bigger than the host window ( it was even bigger than the screen ) as such this was pretty unuseable, so that was that, until something else prompts me to revisit this set up that is. (Sept 2011)

And then came the Raspberry Pi and suddenly Debian took on a whole new meaning to me. For my first Pi I bottled it and ordered a pre-installed SD card. Gave it sshd, apache2, mysql, php and vsftpd so that it could run headless as a LAMP server. It came to pass that I just connected to an exisiting MySQL server on the LAN and it seemed pretty pointless transfering the database to the card, may have made the server respond quicker but a lot less hassle. So mysqld was stopped and stays stopped. (Its still installed for possible future use).

Now I dont really need another webserver, I run 3 or 4 real and virtual machines that do that perfectly well. The Pi websever was more of a 'because I could' job, though if ever I can avoid running a PC 24/7 a Pi may well be permantly tasked to that job for my intranet.

Then I got a 4GB class 4 card by Intenso given. :) This very quickly recieved a visit to a SD port and a quick flash of the Debian Squeeze. Kerching A spare working SD card that can be used instead of the LAMP server card. With the added bonus that I'm ready for my next Pi ;)