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This page validates because the styles used for the two Admin menus are different, even though the code that generates the menu is the same code called twice.

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Photo of Scafell Pike

The photograph of Scafell Pike that appears as the site logo is copyright Gareth Harrison and is used here by kind permission. Further details here

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The photograph of the Cockerel that appears as the site logo is copyright Andrew Woolass.


Thanks are due to these websites, their owners and designers for the various ideas and styles that have inspired this website.

E-mail link script

The script for the email link came from The email address isn't hard typed into text, this must make it harder for automated scanning software to pick out the email address and help avoid getting spammed.

Vertical Navigation Menu

The basic concept of the menu came from, was influenced a bit by the Copeland Rail Users Group site and used the ideas in and there are many incarnations of it all over the web. This version was developed from those mentioned. The code and style are valid html and CSS. Whilst it is very easy to add items, it was not satisfactory, it did not look good on a mobile phone. That was going to be a project for another day. Luckily mobile phone technology caught up with me and the latest smart phones display the sie properly.