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The validation menu is shown here without calling the corrrect style sheet: thus it is displayed in its native HTML.

This is the about page of the Woolass website.(which looks very like the home page)

The primary purpose of this website was experimental, It was originally started to provide a live enviroment in which to develop and prove, various methods of html markup, css and dynamic page creation and then being able to demonstrate that functionality at a remote location. (Over the internet).

More recently it has been used to experiment with other techniques and to share some thoughts of my GNU/Linux experience, which may or may not be useful to others. (actually the GNU/Linux pages are about using files at a different level in the directory structure of the site and demostrating the difference between stlye id and class. The GNU/Linux theme was used to give some inter-relating content.

Deployment of physical and virtual machines within my Local Area Network as largely stopped the use of this web site for experimental purposes, just the results are placed on it, where they are deemed suitable for publication that is!

Sometimes the text on some of the pages may repeat its self or in slightly different words - this is where I have been exprimenting with how pages appear, its a lot easier copy and pasting!

The experimental nature of the site may mean that, from time to time, code and style won't validate. No apologies are made for this - it's just the way things are. In the longer term the majority of the site will be valid. Occasionally I may choose to leave some code or css that does not validate by way of demostration. Why not try the validation links to check the state of play today? One of the advantages of experimenting in a live enviroment comes from being able to validate directly from the page in question without copy and pasting (validation is not permitted by the W3C validation service from none public IP addresses)