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Where mintage figures are given they have been taken from the Royal Mint web site, which is updated periodically. So if you require upto date data check the mintage links. There are a number of instances where the mintage figure is zero and the coins have been found in circulation!

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When I set out to build the coins pages coins where for spending and giving change. No expertise on coin collecting or numismatics is claimed here. Use these pages at your own risk

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These pages exist because I got interested in the Olympic 50pence issue of coins. At the same time I had the urge to try a bit of php and mysql dynamic page building also I wanted to experiment with pop up images so I made these pages.

Having got interested in the Olympic fifty pence I had a look at some other coins !

All of the sports collection are in circulation, Royal Mint figures appear here. For the Olympic 50p look at the bottom of the page. They refer to the 'High Jump' coin on the circulation page and then call it the 'Athletics' coin on the sports collection pages here. Also they refer to Aquatics as Swimming.

Having done all of this I have ended up being more interested in our current coinage than I intended. I found particularly helpful, that site gives and acknowledges references so is generally considered to be authoritive.

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